From the director

Hi, I'm Zim Sherman, founder and director of engineering at Scienterra. 20 years ago, I was creating instruments at NOAA to measure greenhouse gases. I enjoyed the challenges of conducting research of such importance, requiring precision and reliability. Over time, I found myself wondering how I could use my skills to help manage our natural resources and protect human health. We started Scienterra in 2006, with a mission to provide affordable engineering solutions for researchers and custodians of the environment. We now have distributors and customers in 26 countries. We take pride in our responsiveness and level of customer care. We offer our skills and expertise with the hope that, through our combined efforts, we will preserve our world's beauty for future generations.


Our services

Our team has extensive experience with mechanical and electrical engineering, embedded programming, serial communication, circuit board layout, CAD/CAM, and general problem solving.  

Our core interest is building instrumentation for environmental monitoring and scientific research.  We produce machined parts and electronics.  We operate a pick-and-place machine for large orders, and we hand-assemble small orders.  Our range of test equipment includes oscilloscopes, function generators, and logic analyzers; having the right tools makes the job easy.  

We enjoy the odd jobs, the one-off projects that many other companies avoid.  We understand that most products will never sell 10,000 units, or even 10 units.  We can build the solution you need, even if you only need one.


We try to respond within 24 hours.  We never share your information with anyone.

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