ProLink SDI-12 Radio

Telemetry for dataloggers

What do you do when the cable doesn't reach?

SDI-12 is a serial protocol used in dataloggers and environmental instruments. It is simple and reliable, but cables are limited to 200 feet. The ProLink Radio allows SDI-12 communication across greater distances.

Each ProLink contains a 900 MHz radio module, transmitting at 1000 milliwatts.  This is the maximum power allowed without a license. Range up to 32 km, line-of-sight.


No setup is required.  The ProLink is a drop-in cable replacement, and will work with all loggers and instruments that comply with the SDI-12 protocol version 1.3. 

Flexible networks

ProLinks are shipped as dedicated pairs for point-to-point applications. Other topologies are possible, including star-networks.  At any point in the network, a single ProLink can transmit and receive commands to any number of SDI-12 instruments.

All your data and more

ProLinks will transmit and receive all SDI-12 commands. Each ProLink can also be polled as an independent SDI-12 instrument, measuring battery voltage, internal temperature, and RSSI (signal strength). 

Solar friendly

An optional power-save feature allows the ProLinks to sleep between SDI-12 polls. This reduces power consumption and extends battery life.


Use of license-free frequency bands means units are ready to use with no further certification requirements. Different frequency hopping patterns are available to comply with North American and Australian applications.

Frequency band, modulation902-928 MHz, FHSS (USA);
915-928 MHz, FHSS (Australia)
Dimensions4.4 x 2.7 x 1.4 inches (111 x 69 x 36 mm)
Weight6 oz (170 g)
AntennaRP-SMA jack (female). Antenna provided
SDI-12 interfacePluggable screw terminal (12-volt, ground, SDI-12 data)
Configuration interfaceSerial RS232 DB9 male connector, null-modem
Maximum RF output power1000 mW
Transmission rangeUp to 1500 feet (450 m) indoors;
Up to 20 miles (32 km) line-of-sight
Supply voltage7-18 volts DC, 12 volts nominal
Current draw (@ 12V)400 mA transmit mode;
40 mA receive mode;
8 mA sleep (passive mode)

Reverse-polarity protection


Environmental conditions

Operating temperature -40° to +80° C;
10% to 90% humidity (non-condensing)

Per set

$ 1400 per pair
  • One pair gives you plug-and-play functionality as a cable replacement for all SDI-12 functions

Additional radio

$ 750 each
  • Some applications require additional radios, for example in a star-network topology

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