SDI-12 converters and serial translators

Convert any instrument to work with SDI-12 dataloggers

SDI-12 is an efficient and easy communication protocol that allows dataloggers to easily connect to instruments. Not all instruments support this protocol, but we can fix that.

When instruments and dataloggers speak different languages, a serial translator is required. This might involve RS232, RS485, Modbus, One-wire, SPI, I2C, or a host of other serial protocols. We are skilled at decoding data from any instrument and providing a translator that is compatible with your system's specifications. 

Additionally, we can implement special functions to improve the performance, such as scheduled events, logical "if/then" events, on/off controls, custom calculations, etc. 


List of SDI-12 converters

This is a list of ready-built serial translators that convert various forms of serial data to SDI-12.  New serial translators are implemented upon request, and our list is always growing. If you don't see what you need, let us know. We can typically provide a solution within a few days. 

Analogue to SDI-12 

From $240

Various versions, please contact us with your requirement so we provide the right one for your application.

Aeroqual gas sensor to SDI-12


Airmar weather station to SDI-12


Handles met data, compass and inclinometer, wind, and GPS.  Users manual

Depth to SDI-12


EXO multi-instrument to SDI-12


Garmin GPS to SDI-12


Gill WindObserver anemometer to SDI-12


Microtol turbidity to SDI-12


Oceanserver OS5000 compass / inclinometer to SDI-12


Includes compass unit.  Users manual

pH to SDI-12


For the Campbell Scientific CS526-L ISFET sensor.  Users manual

Rain gauge / pulse counter to SDI-12


Special request

Contact us

We are happy to discuss your requirement, with no obligation to buy.

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