Temperature String

Measures the temperature profile of a lake, using calibrated digital sensors installed at various depths along a cable. 

This product has been field-tested and refined for over ten years. It features robust strain-relief at each temperature node, reliable SDI-12 communication, and the ability to add pigtail connectors for auxiliary instruments, e.g. dissolved oxygen sensors.  

Tough construction

Strain-relieved with extra protection against twisting.  Durable materials that will last decades.  Potted in gel to provide lasting waterproof protection.

Deep tested

Our customers have used these in waters up to 160 meters deep.  There are some limitations, so if your project is deeper than 100 meters, please contact us to discuss it.

Built to your specs

We can build up to 64 nodes on a single cable. Minimum spacing is 50 cm between nodes, unless it's an end node, which can be closer.

Price is determined per item


SDI-12 electronics

$240 bare
$310 potted

Install above the waterline.  Reads the thermometers in each node, performs the calibration calculations, and responds to the SDI-12 datalogger. Can be supplied as a bare PCB or as a potted brick.


PUR cable

$12 per meter

Durable in tough conditions.  Must include at least 2 meters above waterline.  Please specify total length required.


Temperature node


Each temperature node contains a digital thermometer calibrated to 0.1 degrees C.  Please specify the depth of each node along the cable.


Auxiliary SDI-12 port

$330 plus cost of connector

Add an extra SDI-12 instrument to the cable at any depth.  Please specify the type of connector required.


Terminal temperature node


Includes 316 stainless steel eyelet for anchoring.  

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