Custom products

Some of our products are designed to augment or improve how another instrument works, or even do something completely new.

Our expertise with instrumentation gives us an edge when it comes to problem solving.  A custom product can provide an elegant solution to complex challenges.  We can provide just the right fit, often with a smaller footprint, lower power consumption, and lower cost than other solutions.

These examples of custom instruments from our catalogue demonstrate how we can address specific needs. If you have an idea for a product, but need some help making it happen, please contact us. 



This is a modified ProLink SDI-12 radio that reduces data transmitted in networks that use a "tipping bucket" rain gauge at a remote site. This was developed to reduce file sizes for satellite data retrieval. Normally, when a datalogger polls a pulse-count-to-SDI-12 converter, it will record a data point for each poll, even when the value is zero. This creates very large data files. The RainRadio independently polls the pulse-count converter during a lull when the logger is quiet. If the pulse-count is non-zero, then the RainRadio sends pulses to the datalogger over a dedicated wire. Each pulse is recorded in the logger as a timestamped event. If there are no pulses, there are no events to record. This solves the problem. This feature works in parallel with the usual SDI-12 radio functionality.  Users manual


ProSampler automated rainfall/stage trigger for flask samplers

This controller triggers automated water samples, based on criteria for rainfall and water level. A flask sampler has a magazine of flasks that should be filled during heavy rain events.  However, it is impractical for a technician to be present during these events to manually trigger the samples. The ProSampler automates flask sampling by "eavesdropping" on rain gauge pulses and SDI-12 water level data. First, the ProSampler compares rainfall to two rolling thresholds, e.g. 10mm per hour or 25mm per day.  After a rainfall event is detected, the ProSampler listens to the SDI-12 bus to determine water level.  When a specified level has been reached, the ProSampler triggers the first flask. Subsequent samples are triggered on incremental changes in stage, discharge, or at fixed time intervals. Discharge is calculated by a programmable two-part rating curve.  A pulse is sent to the datalogger when each flask is triggered, generating a timestamp in the data. Triggering stops when stage falls below a "reset" level, or when flasks are exhausted.  Users manual,  Rating curve calculator



This device allows the use of compressed air to add oxygen to a lake. A source of compressed air is connected to bubblers at the bottom of the lake bed. The ProControl uses data from a dissolved oxygen sensor to servo a bank of mass-flow controllers, and the resulting air bubbles maintain the optimal oxygen level.  This allows artificial lakes to stay oxygenated without chemicals, saving money and protecting the ecosystem.



Used for data acquisition during atmospheric sampling with NOAA and HPD flask instruments. Performs RS485 serial communications; measures temperature and pressure; obtains position from a Garmin GPS; reads analogue met data from a Vaisala temperature-humidity probe; logs all data to an on-board flash chip. Also interfaces with an in-situ ozone instrument and controls solenoid valves to a scrubber.  Users manual

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