Multi-spectral dosimeter for personal radiation exposure and physical activity tracking

Multimedia video presentation that introduced Wave-band at the 5th International UV and Skin Cancer Prevention Conference (Euroskin 2021)
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Wave-band is a scientific instrument that measures personal radiation exposure and physical activity.  It includes a wearable device, smartphone app, cloud database, and web portal.  

The wearable device, called a dosimeter, records measurements of six bands of radiation and physical activity.  The dosimeter interacts with a smartphone app that connects to a database, providing exposure data and metadata about users and their behavior.


Six spectral measurements include UVB, UVA, blue, green, red, and a broadband channel that spans visible and near-infrared (White/IR).  Each spectral channel has implications for biology, as described below.  


UVA radiation

The UVA sensor covers a wide portion of the UV band, from 250 to 360nm.  Although the measurement includes the UVB band, the UVA signal dominates the measurement in real-world conditions.  The sensor is blind to visible light.


Erythemal UVB radiation

The spectral response of the UVB sensor is very close to the action spectra of erythema, DNA damage, and vitamin D synthesis.  The performance of this sensor has been independently verified by the PMOD/WRC calibration laboratory, a world expert in UV measurements.


Blue light

The spectral response of Wave-band's blue channel duplicates the melatonin suppression action spectrum and the vitamin A1 opsin template.  It is also indicative of the blue light hazard function.


Green light

Wave-band's green channel accurately measures the photopic eye response, which describes the spectral sensitivity of the human eye.


Red light

A measurement of red light completes the visible spectrum.  By combining red, green, and blue channels, we can estimate PAR, or photosynthetically active radiation.


Broadband measurement

A broadband channel spans the visible and near-infrared bands, capturing 60% of the entire solar spectrum.

Physical activity and sleep

An accelerometer counts steps and measures cadence and device orientation.  More than just a pedometer, Wave-band quantifies physical activity and sleep quality, using metrics and algorithms from the GGIR scientific analysis software.  This software is a well-respected tool for peer-reviewed physical activity studies.

Smartphone app functions

The smartphone app provides interactive feedback, with features like a personal exposure meter, real-time irradiance display, and local UV forecasts.  An easy-to-use graphical journal allows users to record their use of protective clothing and sunscreen.  Compliance is sensed and encouraged, and location can be tracked using the phone's GPS.

Messaging and reporting

Data, metadata, calibrations, settings, messaging, analyses, and reports are all coordinated through the cloud.  Settings and messages are dynamically adjustable, so messages can be easily "fine-tuned" to optimize behavioral outcomes.  In this way, Wave-band is equally useful for monitoring exposure and influencing behavior.

Wave-band provides a unique solution to understand interactions between radiation exposure, physical activity, and behavior.  By providing access to detailed data about these health issues, it can expand scientific knowledge, ensure compliance with occupational safety guidelines, and enable interventions for specific members of at-risk populations.

Coming in 2022...  prices are indicative 

Wave-band wearable device

$300 each
(introductory special, limited quantities)

Includes device, wristband, clip-ring, and initial calibration.  Normally priced at $450 each.  Please call to reserve introductory pricing.

Wave-band app


Includes all features

Database access, up to five wearables


Data is hosted on cloud database and accessed through web portal.  Access is free for up to five wearable devices.  For more than five devices, additional capacity must be purchased (see below).

Database subscription, additional capacity block, 5-pack

$25 per year 
per block of five additional wearables

Each 5-pack extends database capacity to five more wearable devices.  For example, to maintain a cohort of 10 wearable devices, one extra block is required: first five are free, second five require a single block that costs $25 per year.  Maintaining a cohort of 15 wearable devices requires two extra blocks ($50 per year).  A cohort of 55 wearable devices requires 10 extra blocks ($250 per year).  If accounts become inactive, data will be archived for 3 years, then deleted.

Optional clamshell calibrator and USB interface


Calibrated light sources and orthagonal orientations verify sensor performance.  A direct-to-USB interface allows ultimate control and programming flexibility.  A premium tool, recommended for superusers.

All prices are in US Dollars. We reserve the right to limit quantities during introductory promotions.

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