Scienterra UV Dosimeter

Wearable device that measures personal UV exposure

Since its introduction in 2010, this instrument has set a standard for high-quality UV exposure measurements. 

Researchers around the world have used our dosimeters to quantify how UV exposure affects vitamin D, skin cancer, sun-smart behavior, and more. If your study requires data with a proven record in peer-reviewed literature, this product is for you.  Note: this product is designed for scientific research, and is not appropriate for consumers.

The spectral response of our UVB dosimeter closely matches the erythemal action spectrum.  The UVA version has a more broadband response.  Both offer research-grade measurements.

Use our optical docking station to configure the dosimeter and download the data. Connects to a USB port and accessed with any terminal program.


Adjustable sensitiviy allows you to customize the measurement range to suit your environment. Set the time interval between measurements, and change the daily schedule.

Our UV dosimeter has been used in peer-reviewed research since 2010.  It has been used by researchers from 26 countries across all seven continents.

  • SMALL - At just 36mm, it contains a UV sensor, microprocessor, communication circuitry, and data storage. 
  • LOW-POWER - A single coin-cell battery keeps it running for about 12 months. 
  • SIMPLE - Each data point is recorded as an individually timestamped measurement in a text file, ready to be imported into any analysis program.
  • PROVEN - Recognized and trusted by research scientists worldwide.
$ 300

UV Dosimeter

Specify UVA, UVB, UVC, or visible.  Price breaks at 10, 50, and 100 units.

$ 300

USB Docking Cradle

A docking cradle is required to communicate with a set of dosimeters.

$ 50


Calibration service can be provided.  This is a seasonal service, so please inquire.

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